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Attention newbie or seasoned internet marketer! - Instead of serving you a hyped up, attention grabbing headline; Here are some words from an Elite member...

"Thank You For All The Products, Help And Thought,
Consideration And Effort You Have Been Putting Into
This membership -- It's Overdelivering By Far!

 Anders Eriksson

Do You spend more money online than You make, or do You feel generally overwhelmed by this entire Make Money Online business?

Are You ready to start a new era in Your online business, and finally begin to make money online?

Well - here is an original thought...

"How about something REAL that just plain delivers?" 

Yes, how about looking for something REAL for a change - something You can use right out of the box, perhaps even resell? Sounds like music to Your ears? Then this could be the most important membership site You will ever come across in your entire life. You may even look back on the day that You read this page as the day You "hit the lottery"!

You are about to discover something that has already made it possible to rapidly change the way of living for lots of people around the globe. This could be the fastest and easiest way for You to finally start making serious money from Your internet business. So be sure and bookmark this page right now so You don't lose it.

Let's be honest - do You have all the resources that are needed to succeed?

- Do You have a fresh supply of brand new products to sell every month?

- Do You have a top quality website designed with one goal in mind: to sell the products?

- Do You know of all the latest tricks to get some serious website traffic?

Well, this membership site contains just about anything you'll ever come to think of. Period! - Just look at the membership benefits below and tell me if you don't agree...

Membership Benefit #1

You will receive instant access to tons of Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights products and better yet: you'll receive a minimum of 16 new titles (usually 20-30) in your download area every month you stay as a member. (Value? $400+ per month!)

So, what are Private Label Rights (PLR's) products and what can you do with them?

PLR's gives you the right to brand the product as your own - it's just like having your own product. Guess what? It is widely known that having your own product is a HUGE success factor; most successful marketers you and I've heard of (and know) have their own products. The beauty of having PLR's (and MRR's/RR's) is that You keep 100% of every sale -- No commissions, No splitting the profits!

Here are some ideas of what you can do with PLR's...

Make money from selling the product

Sell the Resell Rights to resellers at 5-10 times the product price

Sell the Master Resell Rights: enables your customers to sell the resell rights to their customers - if done properly, you can have your own viral product, spreading like wild-fire

Sell the Private Label Rights/Source Code Rights to other marketers at 10-20 times the product price!

Create your own multiple free reports and articles for content

And much more...

- Would You be interested in a list of the products You will get instant access to...?

 Click Here To View The Download Area!


Membership Benefit #2

Make Money with Adsense! - Almost every successful Internet Marketer have put Google Adsense Ads on their sites these days, and so should You! I have included a set of 917 (254 with Master Resell Rights!) Pro Adsense Ready Sites to get You started!

I have engineered each site with one thing in mind -- to draw Your visitors in and keep them there until the leave -- using an ad.

I have included features that keeps the visitors coming back to click on Your ads.

I have included features to help You rank high in the search engines for given keywords.

I have done all the hard and tedious work for You; finding profitable niches, designing header graphics, creating highly targeted article content, adding multiple income sources, and much more...



Here are a few sample sites:
The Article Directory

Check Out The Feature Rich Adsense Sites

 Quality Graphics Relevant To The Topic

 Comment Area To Interact With You And Others

 Automatic Reciprocal Link System

 Additional Income With Amazon Affiliate Links

 RSS News Feeds Keeps The Content Up To Date

Membership Benefit #3

Successful marketers have learned that their visitors love reading new, and original content. And each time a visitor comes back to a site, they are more likely to buy something from that site.

Google and the other search engines also love original content, because it makes them look great with their users. Just think about it: when You use a search engine like Google to search for something, You do not want to see a bunch of ads showing up in the search results, right? Of course not! You are looking for quality information that will answer Your question.

When it comes to search engine traffic, Google is the 800 pound gorilla because it's the most popular search engine used. When Google says they love original content and will rank a webpage higher that has original content, You better sit up and pay attention.

There is only one problem with creating new content every month to keep your search engine rankings high...

You Can Spend Countless Hours Writing New Content!

I will give You enough article content (currently 15950+ to download) to spread out over months, and even years if You choose so! - keeping Your visitors (and Google) constantly coming back:

Need Any Ideas On How You Can Use The Premium Article
Content You Will Receive Every Month?

Create quality ebooks that Your customers will love.

Package some of the articles as a free report that other people can give away to promote Your site.

Create a content packed site and put Your Google Adsense code into every page...This is truly an instant hands-free Adsense income!

Choose from all the available articles and just load Your autoresponder to Send out 1 article each week -- You have Your newsletter done for the next year!

Add a yearly ecourse to Your products as a bonus... Cut down on refunds because they want the rest of the quality ecourse that continues past the refund deadline!

Use the articles to attract new subscribers and clients to opt-in...then use more of the articles to follow-up with them and make additional special offers.

Package the articles into a full-fledged product and sell it!

Submit the articles under your name to article directories...get more traffic, links to Your site, and higher search engine rankings.

Create ebooks that You can plug affiliate links into...generate additional affiliate income for You or someone else.

That's just a few of the things you can do with this high quality content.

Imagine some of the other things you could use this content for! It isn't hard to see all of the options that you have with this content.

Of course, this isn't any of the software generated garbage being passed off as content on many websites. This is content created by experienced writers -- so You will be proud to display, share, and sell this information with Your customers.

Your customers (and competitors) will wonder, "How are you producing so much great content?" Of course, they'll never know Your secret weapon -- Your membership to this elite membership site.



Membership Benefit #4

You can cancel your current hosting account: I have included unlimited hosting accounts, capable of hosting your online business for years to come - at no extra cost to You and to keep for as long as you stay a member. (Value? $10+per month)

So, what is included? (Feel free to compare this against your current host):

Unmetered Disk Storage

Unmetered Traffic

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited POP 3 Email Accounts

PHP/MySQL/CGI/Perl - Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes!

Frontpage Extensions

Web/FTP Stats


CentOS Operating System

cPanel Control Panel

And much more...

Membership Benefit #5

Here is a unique benefit not found in most membership sites;

You will receive your very own reseller hosting account, with 5 GB space, 50 GB traffic and with all the features of the personal hosting account from Benefit #4 - at no extra cost and You keep it as long as you stay a member. (Value? $30+per month)


You will also receive some valuable extras for taking action Today:

Extra Benefit #1

I want to help You build a solid internet business using only proven methods, such as setting up websites, ready to receive orders, and perhaps containing ads using Google's Adsense program. I would also like to (if you'll let me) teach you the details about list building, affiliate marketing and more!

You will as a member have unlimited access to a internet marketing course, including several great video tutorials, teaching You what has been called...

"The Most Comprehensive, One Of A Kind, In-Depth, Step-By-Step
Money-Making System Available On The Internet Today!"

This course will show You, in just 12 weeks -- how You can consistently be making $2,000, $3000, $4,000 a month minimum once You have discovered the techniques that has been laid out for You in this step-by-step Magical Formula...That produces LIFE-CHANGING results -- every time.

Tell me... How different would Your life be? How much more would You enjoy getting up everyday to go to work -- for you.. THE BOSS?

- Read the full description of this system here

Extra Benefit #2

Have you seen a product (with rights that I can pass along) that you would like buy, but was to expensive?

- Let me buy it for you and I;
a) will include it in the membership area,

...or if I am not allowed to include it, due to licensing terms or otherwise;
b) will let you have it for pocket change

Testimonials? - These are just a few of the many supporting emails I have received:

Just don't take my word for it. Look below what my members has to say...

#1 -- I recently joined and was pleasantly surprised!


This site lived up to the hype and delivered what it promised:
The quality of the site has to be seen to be believed; where else would you get this for the small price you have to pay?

- No where else!!

I recommend this site to everyone.

I am very happy and look forward to learning more from this great site

Anders knows what he is talking about and you will learn so much (I bought his Adsense sites back in August last year and took him up on his hosting offer).

I really love this site and so will you -- it lived up to expectations and beyond. I just cant get over how good this site really is!

If you want the best membership site on the net then join this and make your world rock.

This has helped me make a living from the internet and it can work for you too

Thank you

Glen - Article Directory


#2 -- Thank you for all the products, help and thought, consideration and effort...

Hi Anders Eriksson,

I'm a member of your site membership, Lawrence Crampshee is my name.

Thank you for all the products, help and thought, consideration and effort you have been putting into this membership -- it is over delivering by far. Not to slow you down any though keep it coming, amazing your experience is showing.

Thanks again


#3 -- Greetings Anders...

Just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you. I signed up today at as a member and I must admit I was a little worried about what I might find. Upon entering the members area I was wonderfully surprised at the amount of information and quality of products you are offering!

So far I have downloaded a couple of items, one of them being the Magical Formula and what a fantastic program you have put together. Although I have just completed the first chapter I have acquired all of the suggested material. Again, I have not been disappointed and I am so excited about this program I can hardly contain myself.

Even though it is just my first day you have already exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with you and implementing your strategies. Thank you!


David E Snyder


#4 -- Anders...

You are absolutely Wonderful! I have no idea how I will ever repay you for all that you do and provide for your members.

I was online this morning when I received an email from Liz about her newest venture. I was going to join as I do know she sells out very fast... but something told me to wait. I am so pleased I did! I had a feeling you would get it for us. "US" as in your members, and you did!

Just so you know... I currently have 17 domains and am in the process of setting up three new sites. I have every intention of using the server you have available.

Thank you for all that you do, Anders! It is very much appreciated!... As you are...

Kindest Regards...



#5 -- Greetings Anders...

Just wanted to thank you for your help. You Rock! .. and I mean that.

Everything you have done is Greatly appreciated. Your Membership is by far the best service and plan I`ve had the lucky privilege to come by.

If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know.

To Your Future Success!

Kind Regards,


#6 -- "Makemoney-1 is undoubtedly the best..."

Makemoney-1 is undoubtedly the best membership site on the internet. There is constantly updated content, great deals and the most responsive I've ever seen. If you can only choose one membership site... This is the one.

George A. Pierce


#7 -- "In response to my product request..."

Thanks Anders!!!

So, many thanks for the awesome job to the MM-1 site and this incredible fast turn on the request for product....

Best Regards


#8 -- "Thanks Anders!"

I do appreciate the information. Also if you ever start a CUSTOMER SUPPORT COMMENT page let me know as I would be the first to send a great letter, that is why like I said of all the marketers out there and the programs, I only belong to yours because of the outstanding support.

Best Regards,
Ron Lewis


#9 -- "You did it again!"


You did it again! I can't get my mouth closed because I am awed by the wealth of great content. I am ashamed to say that some of it I already paid a lot more money for elsewhere.

I should have joined earlier and saved a bunch.

Thanks again and keep up the great offers.



#10 -- "You have never failed to provide me with EXCELLENT products, support and advice"

Hi Anders,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a heartfelt THANK YOU. I have been a member for several years now and you have never failed to provide me with EXCELLENT products,support and advice. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your newest downloads

Best Regards
Ralph Wilhelm-dude17111
Make Money on the Net



So, What is the investment to get
Your key to this one of a kind, Elite Membership?

Minimum Monthly Cost If You Paid Everything Yourself

Cash Getting All 5 Benefits

 PLR, MRR, RR and Personal Use Products


 Adsense Ready Sites with Premium Content


 Private Label Rights Articles


 Unmetered Web Hosting With Unlimited Domains


 Reseller Hosting Account With Unlimited Domains


 Total REAL Value



You read it right - $604.00+ every month!

I could easily sell this membership for at least $197 per month all day long. As You can see from the cost table above, You would have to shell out over $564.00+ per month to get this yourself.

But...I have done well in this business and I am doing really well with my Adsense sites now I am looking to give a little back.

So no, while I could do it...I am not going to charge You $197 per month. In fact, Your total investment for Your key to this elite membership is a paltry $47 Per Month

That's right - this is less than $1.60 per day for this elite membership. Better yet, you will also lock this price for ever, meaning that even if I decide to rise the monthly membership cost, you will never have to pay more than $47 per month!

If You want Your very own cash producing membership with hot selling PLR, MRR, RR products as well as PRO Adsense Ready sites every month then there is simply no time to waste


YES, Anders! Give Me Immediate Access!

I'm Ready To Discover The Exact Methods You Use To Make Money Online - Join Today For Only $47 per Month!

If You Do Nothing... You Get Nothing... Simple As That... Get Your Elite Level Membership Now:

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About Your Access:
Your PayPal subscription will last until you cancel it and cost $47 per month - this ensures that your membership continues without interruption.
After your transaction has been processed you will automatically be taken to our membership signup form. No waiting, no delays - You get instant access to this elite membership - 24 hours a day - 365 days a year!

Questions? Suggestions? - Please Use My Help Desk


P.S. I fully expect my remaining membership spots to fill quickly, so please don't delay.

P.P.S This is really a no brainer if you ask all the people that are already members, and enjoying all the benefits. Join Today and get started Immediately.

P.P.P.S Once all of the memberships sell out, I won't make any more spots available - ever! Don't ask because I'm not going to make any exceptions.

Add to your favorite online bookmark site:

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See what Alexa thinks . . .

Your Total Zero Risk 100%
Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!

I offer 100% refunds for this membership. Note: Since this is a pure Digital, - a.k.a. "let me download all of your stuff and get my refund back in 45 seconds, type of membership", please read the guarantee.

I will grant You instant access to 100% of all downloads ever added. If you have no intention of reading, and using all of the great stuff found within this membership, please do not purchase. It is just a waste of your time and mine to transfer money forth and back if your do not even intend on reading and using it, agreed?

I am so confident that when you do read the stuff and use it, you will start making a fulltime income online. So only purchase the membership if you know you are the person who will read the stuff, watch it, and review it as well as take action to finally make your dreams come true.

If after 30 days from initially signing up for the membership, you review the entire contents, and you feel this membership does not do all that I said it would do for you and more, just contact me at and say so, and I will promptly process your refund. It's that simple.

I make frequent searches online for the stuff I release. I will ask that you remove everything you have downloaded from the membership area from your desktop PC and/or server and delete all access to my stuff as it is worth thousands of dollars in order to process your refund. You also agree not to use any of my stuff after I have refunded your money.

I know some of the above sounds weird, but this is for your protection as a buyer and it actually protects you. I do not want this amazing stuff passed all over the internet like cheap schampoo.


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