JVManager Resell Rights

"Now You Can Stop Sweating the Small Stuff and
Focus on Building Your
Internet Business AND Your Wealth!"

Introducing, the
Most Powerful Weapon

Ever Discovered for ...

Organizing Your Business,
Enrolling Affiliates,
Contacting JV Partners,
Safeguarding Your Products,
Handling Administrative Details,
Dealing With Customers Smoothly,
Having More Time and Less Stress,
Getting More Product Orders,
Eliminating Mistakes and
Streamlining Your Business for
Even Greater Profits and
Peace of Mind.

You can't beat it...

JVManager is in all seriousness the Ultimate Internet marketing tool. An all in one affiliate management solution is a must have for those of us who sell multiple products and want a way to run them all from one set up. You can't beat it. Plus, John spares no effort in upgrading the program constantly. 100's of Warrior members can attest to this. If you ever have any doubt whatsoever about JVManager or John just ask about them in the Warrior forum and see what actual users have to say. My name is one name you rarely see as a testimonial on Internet products. There is a good reason you see my name on this one.

Allen Says
The Internet Marketing Warriors

JVManager in a snap!

Watch the video

"The winner, hands down."
Earl Adkins, http://turnkeygold.com

"No more worries..."
 Gail Metcalf, http://grmmarketing.com
"It's a Godsend."
 Sylita Thomas, http://mysportfolios.com

Vincent Harris, http://intelligentcashrewards.com

"Covers everything!"
Rob Kiernan, http://marketyourservice.com

"My jaw is on the floor...it's like a dream come true!"  
Steve Boutelle, http://prosperityunleashed.com


Ray Knowles, http://cover-software-pro.com

"Head and shoulders above the competition."  
John Taylor, http://marketersblog.com

"It's like having a full time staff working your
business for you, 24 hours per day, EVERYDAY!"


Paul Kleinmeulman (http://www.paulkleinmeulman.com/) - one of the best JVManager's users made over  $250,000+ in sales by just centralizing his online business. Watch the video for more information.

From the eDesk of Turbo Inventor John Delavera

Imagine you're the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Now let me ask you...

Would you spend your time doing mind-numbing paperwork, calculating commissions, compiling customer lists, and all of the other 1001 boring :-( little details every major company has to deal with everyday?

No way!

You'd hire a staff to take care of this routine drudgery, so that you can focus on just ONE important task:


Okay, maybe you wouldn't be golfing ALL of the time... ;-)  

Odds are, you'd also be working on important things like increasing profits and adding new product lines.

Your Internet business is no different...

You only have a few hours per day to devote to your business.

Do you want to spend your time handling a hundred and one boring administrative details?  :-(

Or would you rather invest your time in MAKING MORE MONEY?

Or maybe golf? :-)

Gail Metcalf

I  immediately started saving time and
increasing control...

I have only been using JV Manager for one month and immediately started saving time and increasing control of my projects by reduced development time. Currently, I am doing all the development myself and even though I could copy/paste much of the payment processing code, there was still so much work to do. 

The added security that JV Manager provides for downloading products has also saved me time and difficulty in that I no longer have to encrypt my payment pages. No more worry about people finding my download page and gaining access to my products without paying.

I just downloaded the newest version and can't wait to implement the new features. These were just too difficult for me to develop myself, so I didn't. 

Now I can with JV Manager!

Gail Metcalf

I'll bet you got into Internet Marketing because you want more TIME for yourself and your family, not just more money.

But it's a FACT:
    the more $ales you make,
        the more Customers and Affiliates you have, 
            the more Complicated your business gets,
                the MORE Time you MUST SPEND doing all the routine administrative
                 nonsense that you shouldn't have to bother with! :-(

More money = more work = less free time.

It's a vicious cycle.

And it's no accident that you're here.

Just like every other successful Internet marketer, you need an all encompassing system that removes the pains-taking work and drudgery from your Internet business.

You want an easy solution that gives you...
                                                    MORE time,
                                                    MORE freedom,
                                                    MORE options and
                                                    MORE ways to make
                                                    MORE money!

Bottom line... You want...MORE!

More time AWAY from running your business, which equals more time to do whatever you want to do.

And MORE money, with equals more choices, more independence, and more freedom for you.

It's only NATURAL that you want these things.    

And I have found the ONE economical way to provide it.

It's called JVManager, and it isn't just for joint ventures.

In fact, it's the ENGINE that will Propel Your
Business into Accelerating Profits, by Simplifying and Streamlining Administrative Tasks, and Optimizing Your Assets.
Sylita Thomas

It's been Godsend...

I've been using JV Manager since it first came out and it's been Godsend. I ordered it when I left my first Internet marketing seminar and everyone stressed automation. After finding your software, I haven't had the need to look for anything else it has been more than enough and still improving all the time with your updates. I can say I'm proud to own and use JV Manager daily to expedite my online marketing campaigns. Big thanks!

Sylita Thomas

Would you believe many Internet businesses have NO engine?

Their owners are trying to PUSH their car up a very steep, never-ending hill.  And the more business they're doing, the harder they're pushing, and the S-L-O-W-E-R they're going. :-(


Do you want to spend your time pushing your car, or RACING  it???? :-)

We're not talking about a sputtering two stroke, or sluggish four cylinder, either.

We're talking 8 cylinder, speed-demon HEMI Magnum performance!

So POWERFUL, no matter how big your business gets, you'll NEVER outgrow the engine.

It doesn't matter if you have a little business striving to become big, or a GARGANTUAN business growing even BIGGER.



It's CRUCIAL for the Life, Growth and L-o-n-g-e-v-i-t-y of your business that you own this software.

Corena Golliver

I have time to do more creative work...

John, I just wanted to thank you for helping me so quickly... I am so glad Paul is using JV Manager. It helps automate so many tasks that would have taken hours. Instead of dealing with piles of files and manually calculating commissions, I have time to do more creative work. I just love the feature that lets me edit the templates and reflect all changes to the existing websites and not mess with a lot of programs! Well enough about your product.:)

Thanks again for getting back so quickly with my question (that I could of figured out myself if I would have paid more attention when I watch your video tutorials!)

Corena Golliver
Personal Assistant to Paul Kleinmeulman

Once you join the ranks of satisfied JVManager owners...
  • You Will Save Yourself Time -- No more being endlessly bogged down with trivial tasks.
  • You'll Eliminate Frustration -- Everything is in one place, at your fingertips.
  • You'll Reduce Your Stress -- JVManager is the best stress reducer an Internet marketer can have.  You will sleep better, and work better because you're no longer sweating the small stuff.  It's taken care of AUTOMATICALLY.
  • You'll Easily Streamline Your Operations to make them smooooooooth flowing and practically effortless.
  • You'll Enhance Your Professional Image by appearing to your customer to be a big shot with a full time staff, even if you're just a little shot trying to be big.
  • You'll Enjoy Maximum Flexibility, have it your way, run you business the way YOU want.
  • You'll Possess More Marketing Options, just like the big boys.
  • You'll Discover Additional Income Streams with your current products and services.
  • You Can Set Aside More Time to focus on the activities that MAKE you money, because you're spending far LESS time worrying about the never-ending small stuff
  • You'll Have Happier Customers, because their needs are met IMMEDIATELY.
"JV Manager Is The Winner Hands Down"

You've done it again John! Never before have I seen such a powerful program combining "all the best" features into one. After looking at so many other pieces of JV / Affiliate software, yours is the winner, hands down.

You've made it possible for anyone to kick their JV campaigns into "turbo" drive and increase their profits ten fold."

Earl Adkins

"You Really Have Over Delivered!"

John, you have really covered everything! Now I can offer my customers a choice of payment methods, yet still offer automated tracking of sales for all my affiliates.

On top of that, I can automatically protect my download areas with JVManager's generated password protection. Best of all, even I can set it up!

You really have over delivered.

Rob Kiernan

It doesn't matter if you're developing your very first product, simply selling resale rights products, or you're doing $1million in business per month . . .

JVManager is for You, it's that flexible.


Do you know the COST of being disorganized, having to compile lists by hand, answer emails by hand, etc?

Let's assume you spend 250 days per year working on your business, and you spend only 1 hour of each of those days doing tasks that would have been automated by JVManager (most Internet marketers spend a LOT more time than just one hour per day on these tasks.)  

Figure your time is worth at least $50 per hour; that's $12,500 you're unintentionally wasting per YEAR!

Don't think your time is worth $50 per hour?  

Think again.  

If you sell a $27 product, for example, and you spent that one hour per day doing something to promote the product (rather than doing dumb administrative stuff) and you sold just two copies of that product, your hour was worth $54.  

But what if you sold 5, or 10, or 100 products with your promotional effort?  

Or what if your product sells for $97, or $297?

Or what if you spent that hour working on a new product you're creating.  Let's say you invest 75 hours creating this product, it sells for $47, and you sell 100 of them.  

Your time was worth $62.67 per hour, not even counting the back end sales you'll make.  

If you sell 1000 copies, your time was worth $626.67 PER HOUR.

See what I mean?

So when I say your time is worth
at least $50 per hour, I'm not exaggerating, I'm understating!

Even if JVManager saves you just 20 minutes per day, everyday, that's Seven-thousand, three-hundred EXTRA minutes per year!

So...What Will You Do With an
Extra 121 Hours of FREE Time This Year?

JVManager is the Net's Most Flexible and Complete Sales, Customer, Affiliate and JV Management System for the Net's Most Demanding Community: Sellers.

JVManager allows YOU to compete with the big dogs
without having to spend a fortune on running and maintaining your
online business.  It's the perfect system that allows you to:

Automatically accept payments through various payment gateways.

Automatically handle subscription payments (for example, you can offer payments on products and product packages to make them more affordable to your customers.  You can also collect payments for ongoing services, subscriptions, and membership sites.)

Set up and run both free and paid membership sites (including automatic pass code generation and protection.) Just imagine if you had several hundred (or thousand) members paying you each and every month for access to your website!

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your sales (including where they came from, which is essential for testing what working in your marketing arsenal, and what isn't.)

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your customers (for example, if you want to create customer lists according to product(s) purchased, or amount purchased, or from a particular advertising campaign; you can do it with the click of a mouse button.)

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your affiliates and JV partners (you'll not only know who your best affiliates are, you'll also be able to contact them with a click of your mouse, unlike places such as Clickbank who HIDE your affiliate information from you.)

Digitally deliver your products within seconds of payment being received.

Protect your products from theft.  If you're not currently protecting your products, I GUARANTEE they are being stolen and you are losing money.

Offer, manage and run unlimited affiliate programs EXACTLY the way YOU want to.

Automate your email Marketing tasks, including sending receipts, follow-up emails, autoresponder courses,  emails to affiliates, automatically sending pass codes, download links, notification of sales made, etc

Automatically handle your Joint Venture tasks.

Keep you organized (and sane) for the rest of your online life.

"I installed JVManager in just minutes...it was so easy!"

I installed JVManager in just minutes...

It was so easy! This is a fantastic piece of software. I understand now the hard work you must have put into it and why it took so long to put together, no wonder. JVManager has got to be an essential piece of software for anyone making a living on the Internet.

Many thanks,
Ray Knowles

JVManager is the Proven Scientific Solution that is simple to use,
works for you 24 hours per day, seven days per week,
365 days per year, and yet charges NO MONTHLY FEES!

Compare that to online services that offer far fewer features, yet they charge you a minimum of $79 PER MONTH!  

That's almost ONE THOUSAND dollars per year, EVERY year.  And as your list grows larger, they will charge you even more per month.

JVManager is THE way to go for both newbies and professionals; it's YOUR friendliest solution on the NET, and it has it ALL:

Package and Product Manager

Universal Payment manager

Download Manager and URL Protector

Sales Manager

Refund Manager

Joint Venture (JV) Manager

Charity Manager

Affiliate Manager

Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator

Autoresponder Manager

Template Driven


And More...

Remember when you imagined being the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation? 

You were able to lead your company into ever greater profits because you had employees who took care of all the little day-to-day details for you.

When You Take Advantage of All of JVManager's Features, 
It's Like Having a Staff of Over a Dozen Top-notch 
Employees at Your Business' Beck and Call...

24 hours Per Day, 
7 Days Per Week, 
EVERYDAY of the Year.

Let Me Introduce You to YOUR Online Marketing TEAM:

First, let's meet . . .

Your Warehouse Supervisor and Delivery Coordinator
(Package and Product Manager)

When You Use the Package and Product Manager, Centralizing & Organizing Your Business Becomes a Breeze! 

Thanks to the inception of resale rights, many Internet marketers have more products than they can keep track of in the first place.  Then when they're just getting started, they can make the rookie mistake of hosting their products in numerous locations.  Talk about mass confusion!  Starting today, you'll keep track of all of your products in one central location, while simultaneously boosting your profits.

You can even create packages of products, even if they cannot be bundled together by "grouping the order links."

For example, let's say you want to sell a package of 5 ebooks that must be sold as stand alone products. You can create a Package through JVManager, add all 5 Products and use a 6th one to give as a Bonus to everyone who purchases them ALL!  Simple!

Product Grouping into Packages is a surefire way to make sales.  But did you know that JVManager was the FIRST to offer this capability?  

JVManager stays on the cutting edge, with never-ending innovations and mind-bending improvements.

Your Banker 
(Universal Payment Manager)

Allow Your Customers To Pay You

You can accept orders through:


More payment gateways will be added in the future.

Choose a service such as Paypal, and receive your money INSTANTLY!  

No more waiting for months to get what is rightfully yours NOW.

Your Salesclerk and Your Security Guard
(Download Manager and URL Protector) 

Automatically Distribute Your Products & Subscriptions...

With JVManager you can distribute your products instantly NO MATTER what payment system is selected by the customer. Your customers will reach your instructions to download their purchase or to access their memberships right after completion of their order. 

...And Protect Your Online Property!

Theft of online products is at an all time high.  You can protect your intellectual property by HIDING the actual URL of the links for your "Thank You" pages. And you can also EXPIRE those links in any number of days you choose. 

Your Record Keeper
(Sales Manager)

Keep Records - Make More Sales

You can AT LAST keep records for all of your sales in ONE central location.  Search and display all sales using the criteria YOU choose, such as time periods, product title(s), affiliates, etc.

You can even see your Top Ten Customers & Affiliates (read below.)

Your Front Gate Security Personnel and Your ID Clerk
(Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator)  

Put Recurring Sales In Action & Control Subscriptions

Creating a membership site has never been easier...

With JVManager all you have to do is define the directory you want JVManager to protect and the duration of each membership. JVManager will automatically:

  • lock that area for the period you define and for the specific customers that order the subscription,

  • distribute random passwords to your customers,

  • email them their codes,

  • allow them to access the site for as long they remain paid subscribers, and

  • automatically collect payments on their "subscription."

You can expire memberships either automatically by date or manually (by clicking a link.)

Talk about hands-off automation: your customers will have ONLY 1 SET OF CODES.  This means that a customer's email address and password reaches ALL of their purchases through a centralized customers' area.   And even if a paying customer has NEVER obtained a "password" for accessing that central area,  JVManager will issue a password upon request!

Amazing eh? :)
The best are yet to come...

Your Customer Service Manager and Your Accountant
(Refund Manager)

No More Unfair Commissions

Have you ever had a customer ask for a refund AFTER you paid the corresponding affiliate for the sale?  

For example, if you're selling a $100 product with a 50% commission, you took in $100, paid $50 to the affiliate, and now you've got to refund $100 to the customer.  That $100 sale has now cost you $150, LOSING YOU $50 in the bargain.


For each of the products you sell through JVManager, you define a "Guarantee" period.  Here is how this feature works if a customer asks for a refund during that period:

  •  The commission is not credited to the affiliate - if any exists for that sale.

  •  This purchase is marked as refunded for your records.

  • The affiliate is paid after the guarantee period expires.   Thus, you CANNOT lose money!

Of course, if you define 0 as the "Guarantee" period, you turn this feature off and instant commissions are applied to your affiliates' accounts.

Your Sales Team Manager
(Affiliate Manager) 

The Best Affiliate Solution That Exists Today On The Net. Period.

You can include in your affiliate program ALL of your Packages or SOME of them: You decide! You can even assign a package to be offered to a specific AFFILIATE GROUP - read below.

You can offer a separate HOMEPAGE for each of your Packages, which can reside on DIFFERENT servers.

You can include any Products in your affiliate program, no matter WHERE they're located.

The affiliate manager works with all payment gateways and separately from them.  For example, if you use ClickBank.com, your affiliates are paid by you and not by ClickBank.com.

The affiliate manager also works with subscriptions. You can choose to use, for example, Paypal.com's IPN system for automating a subscription, or use JVManager's INTERNAL subscription system for selling recurring services THROUGH ANY payment system or retailer, EVEN CLICKBANK.COM!

You can offer commissions by percentage (%) or flat amounts OR BOTH (read below).

You can offer a 1-tier or a 2-tier plan OR combine plans. For example, you can create 1 Package with 1 Product that offers 50% commission on 1-tier only, a 2nd product that offers a commission of 50% on 1-tier and $5 on 2nd tier, etc.

You can also offer commissions per click. For example, your affiliates can get $0.10 for each click their affiliate links send to the homepage of Package A.

Your affiliates can link to either the homepage of a Package OR to the ORDER LINK of the Package or ANY page you want them to promote. You can use some specific affiliate tags (homepage, order link, ANY link) and offer PERSONALIZED promotional materials to your affiliates in a snap! 

You can create the HTML page you want for each Package, include those special tags, and JVManager will replace them with the affiliate's information and links. This also means your affiliates can include their own DIRECT ORDER LINK inside their ebooks, html pages, etc.

You can pay your affiliates through Paypal e-a-s-i-l-y. JVManager will create 1 pay-now-button for each payment.

You just pay each affiliate and return to your site right after payment. OR you can mark commissions as paid, in case you pay them by check. Or you can use mass payments!

You Can Get MORE AFFILIATES by rewarding your affiliates for referring sub-affiliates. 

For each sub-affiliate referred, your affiliates receive the dollar amount you choose. That commission will be added to their account automatically ONCE sub-affiliates COMPLETE the double opt-in registration procedure AND are ACTIVATED by the administrator - you.

Only affiliates that have completed the double opt-in registration procedure AND have been ACTIVATED by you can participate in your affiliate program. 

Or you can put it on auto-pilot and make JVManager automatically accept affiliates.

You can also DE-activate an affiliate. If you are informed that someone abused your terms and conditions, you just click once and he/she is banned.

You can define Affiliate GROUPS for offering specific Packages only to specific affiliates. 

Example: Say you offer Packages A, B, and C, You can create 2 affiliate groups (or as many as you like.) One Group for "ALL" of your affiliates and another one for your "JV partners" because you want to offer higher commissions to your JV partners. 

You can include Packages A and B to the Affiliate Group "ALL," and Package C to the Affiliate Group "JV partners." You can then define the groups an affiliate belongs to when you activate his/her account.

You can even define individual "Special Commission Plans" for specific affiliates/ JV partners. For example, instead of normal commissions, you can define that your affiliate John Doe will get 70% on 1-tier and another 10% for 2-tier sales for the Package A, OR for a specific Product INSIDE a Package.

Your affiliates can build their lists, too!

  • They can add THEIR sub-affiliates to an autoresponder of their choice.
  • They can ALSO add the CUSTOMERS they send to YOU to an autoresponder of their choice!

Just in case your affiliates do not have an autoresponder to use, they can also define a DEFAULT message to be sent once their sub-affiliates are registered and activated by the administrator - you.

You can even get some Special Javascript codes (Trackers) and display the commissions generated so far and/or the commissions paid so far to ANY page you want on ANY server. Ideal when running an affiliate contest. Pure automation!

AND MUCH MORE!!! (yes, THERE IS more...)

Are you beginning to see the many possibilities for simultaneously automating and growing your business?

Your Personal Assistant 
Joint Venture Manager) 

Everything You Need for Joint Ventures - Part I

A unique feature you can find nowhere else...

Suppose you partner with John Doe and you want to report the sales of a specific product to him. When adding that product into a Package, you can insert John Doe's name and email address. 

That's it!  

Each time an order is placed for that specific Product, John Doe will get a notification email.

Or suppose you want to promote a friend's Product, and her name is Helen. 

Helen sells her ebook through Paypal.com. She gives you her Paypal address and the downloading instructions for your customers. 

You include this information in JVManager by creating a Product for Helen's ebook, you type her name and email address, and here is what happens: Your customers pay Helen (instantly) and return to your site. Helen gets an email message, too, that informs her about the sale - she also gets informed by Paypal.com anyway.

The same scenario above can be used both with ClickBank.com and 2Checkout.com. Here is how: Helen will give you her ClickBank ID and the Number of her "Thank You page." You'll give her a special link to include to her ClickBank account to that "Thank You" page's slot. That's it. Your customers will pay Helen through ClickBank.com and return to YOUR site.

Can you IMAGINE the ways you can use this UNIQUE Turbo-Feature?

Suppose you want to give Helen's Product as a Bonus with a DISCOUNTED price IF your customers BUY some other products of yours. You can create a "LOCKED" Package and your customers will pay for each Product in the row - including Helen's product.

Or perhaps Helen wants to almost GIVE AWAY her ebook for $0.10 to YOUR customers, but ONLY to those who will buy your Product. Your customers will pay for your Product, then the minimal fee of $0.10 for Helen's ebook. 

Why would Helen do that? 

For increasing her customer list, of course!

The same procedure is followed with 2checkout.com: Helen gives you her 2Checkout.com ID and the ID of the product she has created. You give her a special URL to include in that product at 2checkout.com. Customers pay Helen and return to your website.  

Your Fundraising Manager 
(Charity Manager)

Everything You Need for JV Needs - Part II

Another unique feature you can find nowhere else...

Suppose Helen does not have any special Product you can promote for her.

But you feel obliged to Helen because she has helped you. Here is what you can do: You can tell Helen to register as your affiliate. 

Helen does it, you approve her account, and she gives you her ID. You can include Helen's affiliate ID in ANY Product you sell and define a CHARITY COMMISSION - this will be the commission Helen will receive on each sale FOR THAT SPECIFIC PRODUCT. 

This could be a 1-tier or 2-tier commission, based on % or a flat amount. Each time that specific Product is sold either by you or by your affiliates, Helen will get the commission you have defined. If an affiliate exists for that sale, he/she will get his/her normal commission, and Helen will also get her "charity commission." 

You can then pay Helen through Paypal.com whenever you want.

The same feature can be used for DONATING a % of a sale for a specific Product to a Charity - or to ANY other person that can register with your affiliate program and has an account with Paypal.com. 

Your Automated Communications Delivery Supervisor 
(Autoresponder Manager)

Auto-Communicate With Customers & Affiliates

You can set up JVManager to send:

  • A message to your customers when they first buy something from you.
  • A message to your affiliates when they register.
  • A message to customers of a specific Package when they first buy any Product of that Package.

But if you use an autoresponder that accepts email subscriptions, you can also tell JVManager to add:

  • Your customers to an autoresponder you have defined,
  • Your affiliates to an autoresponder you have defined,
  • Your customers of a specific Package to an autoresponder you have defined!

Plus, JVManager sends automatically all notifications through email:

  • To your affiliates when they generate a sale with detailed data (you define what to display.)
  • To your JV partners when a product is sold.
  • To your affiliates when a refund is executed.
  • etc.

Your Director of Communications
(Email Marketing Manager

Mass Email Customers & Affiliates, But Only Those You Want To!

You can now mass email customers and affiliates by using various criteria:

  • You can email customers of a Specific Package.

  • You can email customers who have spent LESS than $100.00 or MORE than $100.00 or more than $1,000.00 on your sites.

  • You can send individual messages to customers who purchased, for example, Product A AND Product B BUT NOT Product C!

  • You can email AFFILIATES who have generated commissions of less than $100.00 or more than $100.00 or more than $1,000.00 for your Products on all of your sites.

Your Retail Merchant
(Shopping Cart System)

You can even add the products you want to a separate Shopping Cart.

Use the Shopping Cart as an EXTRA selling system!

Your JV Automation Specialist
(Automatic JV Package Creator)

An AWESOME way to create your JV collections. Everything is automated!

And the same shell can be used for JV Brokering: Commissions are paid to you, your JV Broker and affiliates. 

"The Best I've Ever Had..."

John, all I have to say is, your *Grade A* 'Fillet Mignon' of Management Centralization is the best I've ever had ... JVManager needs no A1 sauce... especially after you seasoned it with an extra special 'BAM!' of an upgrade... No need to bring in dessert as JVManager provides more than enough to fill any Netrepreneur's plate!

Keep'er Cookin'!  ;-)

Burton M Clement

What Else Can JVManager Do For YOU?

JVManager is Customizable, to Look Like YOUR Site.
It's a Shell.

You can edit all of JVManager's templates.  You can add a header and a footer and give it the look and feel of your site.  You can edit:

  • Your main central pages

    • Administration area

    • Affiliates' area

    • Customers' area

  • The registration pages of your affiliate programs

  • Your order pages

  • Your thank you pages, and so on.

All with EASY Installation! ONE CLICK!

And the Best Top Notch Support Available!

  • You receive a complete online MANUAL that is constantly updated.

  • You receive more than 15 online tutorial videos that show you step by step how to do anything we've covered here and much, much more.

  • You receive technical support from our professional staff through the online HelpDesk.

  • You can even participate in the exclusive, Member's Only JVManager Forum.

I'll bet NO ONE has ever told you this...

Do you know the One Outstanding Secret that distinguishes the successful online marketers from the others, yet you almost never hear about it?

Many marketers don't know it.  Some have intuitively guessed the secret, but don't know how to take advantage of it.  

And others, the really successful ones, exploit this secret to the max every single day.

You are smarter than most, or you wouldn't have read this far.  

You know a great opportunity when you see one, and that's why I'm going to reveal this secret to you:

Imagine you sell diamonds. 

LOTS of diamonds.

Would you set up your operation so that you WOULDN'T KNOW who your best diamond dealers were?

Would you store your diamonds in different locations all over the country?

Would you make it so complicated to follow up with customers, you wouldn't even bother?

Would you forget to collect vital information about your sales, affiliates, customers and dealers?


Of course not!

Yet, this is EXACTLY what happens to most Internet marketers.

They're selling a product over here, and another one is selling over there, and in the process they lose all track of who their affiliates are, how much they're selling, and which customers purchased what.

In Internet marketing, the REAL money is made ON THE BACK END.

But if you don't have the systems in place to properly track everything that's happening, and then appropriately follow-up, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY.

In fact for many, it ultimately means the 
difference between success and failure.

CENTRALIZATION is the core idea behind JVManager. You install JVManager on 1 server and use it for ALL of your Products, no matter if they're located on that same server or not...

All of your records are in one place.  

All of your affiliates' information, all of your databases, pass codes, EVERYTHING in one location.   

When you use JVManager, you will create a network of success around you and your product/s that will increase your profits.

Most people today open an account with Clickbank or Paypal and start selling, because, unlike you, they just don't know any better.

However, while they can take orders using these services, they cannot collect VITAL information about their sales, affiliates, customers, and joint venture partners.

In order to succeed on the Internet, you must constantly use a CENTRAL POINT through which you'll be able to CONTROL and MONITOR EVERYTHING you do - especially your sales.

Think of it as sitting in the Captain's Chair of your own Starship.  

You're able to navigate the galaxies at =warp speed = because your have everything you need at your fingertips.

With JVManager, You can accomplish MORE
than you ever thought was possible!

I believe that JVManager is the BEST product available. 

And as you can tell by the testimonials in this letter, my customers agree; JVManager is the single BEST SOLUTION for automating your business like the true professional you are.   

Other services charge by the month.  At $79 per month, you're looking at almost $1,000 per year, every year.

~ OUCH !!! ~

When you purchase JVManager, you're not "renting" it, you OWN it.  

It's YOURS Forever.

And I don't ask for $1,000 per year, or even $1,000 one time.  JVManager is just $97, and it's worth every penny - and considering that you'll get 6 months of full elite level member access to MM1 (What's MM1? - Read more here) as a bonus, I would say that it's a STEAL!


"JV Manager can be described in one word: Remarkable!"

Ever since I installed JV Manager there has been more organization to my business. Everything is right there at a click of a button for me to see. From sales to commissions to products bought and much more.

No longer do I have to login from program to program trying to find who bought what and when or what commissions I need to pay. It's all there in one "easy to locate" interface.

Plus, unlike most programs where the creators guarantee you lifetime upgrades and you never see an upgrade in your lifetime, John is constantly working on JV Manager and making it better.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for JV Manager. JV Manager is hands down the most complete ecommerce system you can buy.

Kudos to you, John, on a product that far surpasses the hallmark of excellence.

Vincent Harris

John! My jaw is on the floor...

The multiple aspects that you have overloaded this one special script with are everything someone like myself who's passionate about JV's could ever want -- it's like a dream come true!

You've covered all the bases...

Steve Boutelle

Still undecided?

Click below to watch what Ian Del Carmen says...

Ian Del Carmen's testimonial

Fast Action Bonus ($47 Value)

7 Fast Start Videos On How To Setup JVM 1

These Exclusive Videos Will Show You Step-by-Step How to Maximize The Results You Get Using JVManager 1 to Run Your Business.

You Will Learn How to Setup ANY Product And Sell it Through JVManager 1

Through these videos you will learn how you can get any product - it can be your product, or any product you get with resale or Private Label Rights (PLR) and sell it through JVManager 1, OR any other system. You will also see how to install JVManager 1 in simple steps and how to create your first affiliate program and thus be ready to start selling your products.

While the 7 Fast Start videos use JVManager 1 as the sales and affiliate manager system, you can follow the same instructions for editing the sales page, uploading the ebook and selling it through any system you want.

Here are the 7 videos in detail:

Video 1: Installation of JVManager 1

Even though JVManager offers a LOT of features, you can install and set it up quickly for selling your products - we'll show you how.

Video 2: Branding PLR Ebooks

For our example on this video, we took a product released by TurboMembership.com that offers a brandable PDF file. You can follow these same instructions for any PLR product that you sell.

Video 3: Upload The Ebook To Hosting Account

We will show you how to upload the ebook through step-by-step instructions.

Video 4: Edit Sales Page And Upload To Hosting Account

In this video you will see how to edit the sales page. All resell rights products offer a sales page and a thank you page, so now you will know how to edit the sales page and include your information (name/URL) in it, along with the order link. While JVManager 1 is used for our example, you can include any order link (Paypal button, Clickbank order link, etc.)

Video 5: Password Protect Download Directory

In this video you will learn how to password protect a directory through your cPanel and thus protect your digital property. JVManager 1 has a special feature through which it delivers the product without asking the customer to insert the username/password of that protected folder. If you do not use JVManager you can just protect the download area and then include those codes inside your thank you page.

Video 6: Creating A Package For The Product And an Affiliate Program

In this video you will see how to quickly create a Package in JVManager, your first affiliate group and how to setup everything through simple-to-use step-by-step details.

Video 7: Creating A Product Inside the Package's Record

In this video you will see how to add your Product into the Package feature of JVManager 1, define the protected download area in the record, place the username and password in it and be ready to start selling the product.

ALL videos are ideal for people who want to easily setup and sell any PLR product. As said, having JVManager 1 is a big advantage in all of your marketing efforts, but you can also follow all the step-by-step details for applying everything with any other sales and affiliate system.

Order 100% Risk Free
Take JVManager for a spin... Put the program through its paces.  Lift up the hood.  Kick the tires. Order today and if you judge JVManager is not what I described, then you'll promptly get your money back - no questions asked.  Just submit a refund request and get your refund - it's that simple, because I am THAT certain JVManager will BLOW your brain once you see what it can do for you.

Here's what happens now:  


...You download JVManager today, it does everything I say it will and more, and you're thrilled! You SAVE MONEY over using any other service, you SAVE TIME, you banish stress and frustration, and because of centralization and simplification (not to mention awesome state-of-the-art tools), you make even MORE MONEY. End result, YOU WIN! :-))

...Or you download JVManager, and it's not all that I say it is, and you get a full refund. End result, you win! :-)

...Or you let procrastination or self-doubt get the best of you, and you lose out. :-(

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Warm regards,
John Delavera & Anders Eriksson

Help Desk: http://www.Ask-Anders.com

P.S. Technical requirements:

  • UNIX
  • Perl (written with v5.6 and later) with CGI 3.0 or CGI.pm v.3.0
  • MySQL

P.P.S.  Imagine 2 people pull up in your driveway.

They're both driving 1967 Chevy Chevelles (AWESOME-COOL CARS!!!) and on the outside they look almost identical.

But when you open up the hoods and peak inside... 

You find that the first one has a 120 hp straight-six engine with a 3-speed transmission on the column.  It will do 0 to 80 mph (its top speed) in about 30 seconds.

{~ Yawn ~}

The second one has a 500 hp SUPER-charged 396 with a 5-speed, and will go from 0 to 160 mph in under 30 seconds.  

It has custom suspension and V-rated (Racing) tires that will let it SCREAM around corners faster  than you currently drive on the highway when no one's looking. ;-)  


Which one do you want to drive?

The one your Grandma would enjoy puttering to the store in, to get milk?


Or the one that will get you ANYWHERE you want to go a whole lot faster, and is a whole lot MoRe FuN to drive?


Order JVManager TODAY, You'll be Happy You Did!



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